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Aug 13, 2010


i think it is safe to say that Victoria's Secret models are the most beautiful humans on the planet... they are so glamourous and inspire me to take care of myself.i was actually pulling all these pictures together because of their hair. they all have amazing hair. i really like the light brown that a few of the girls have-- kind of what i'm going for. my hairs not blonde anymore ps. once again, hair... perfect curls. i want.
...all about the fucking hair. would someone please teach me how to get curls like these??oh haaaaay i'm hot. later, off to my multi millionaire glamour day job. NBD.
i will admit though, there was a point in my life where it would have been unhealthy to look at these pictures. because i use to want what i didn't have. i would want to look like the picture of "perfection" but i have really gotten over that because it is unrealistic.
so please don't beat yourself up for not looking like them. because it's a one in a million thing-- but you can be inspired to do good for yourself:: work out, eat healthy, play with fun way to do make up & hair, etc...
(pic below) hair color I WANT!!! it's not quite there... maybe one day.
gisele is my all time favorite model. hands down.
whew, hawtness. who wouldn't want to be a VS model?

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