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Aug 26, 2010

girly as fuck

even though i hate being a girl sometimes, it really is the best thing ever... pictures like these are why i love to let lose and get fucking girly.
it's okay to be glamourous. and it's even better to have beautiful imperfections. xo.
miley cyrus---reppin tennessee.
annalyne mccord from 90210. she is flawless, almost annoyingly so.
like lets be real, i'm straight as a line, but girls are so much sexier than guys. hah.
strong, independent, bold fucking sexy girls are my idols.
ps. if you can't tell by my time of posts- my sleeping routine is complete backwards right now, it's embarrassing. but it's times like these where i find my creative energy flowing. always when it feels like the whole world is sleeping.
pps. i found this website that allows you to turn your blog into a book. i have been told many times that i should do something like this. & i would love to pick my favorite posts, edit them and publish it for myself. but since i have had some interest from readers, i would love to know if anyone is interested.

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