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Aug 26, 2010

leighton meester

Leighten Meester, oh i adore this girl from Marco Island, Florida...
so i know i'm a little late but i just got caught up on the end of the last season of Gossip Girl since the new seaons starts mid sept. but watching reminded me how much i love Leighton Meester. i think she is really talented... you truly believe her as this drama queen that rules all of Manhattan, aka Blair. but she is so different in real life. i think she has a lot of versatility & i hope her career continues to do well.
oh & i also admire how she has taken a stab at the music business as well, because she loves singing as well as acting... sounds familiar :)
"I think the biggest thing to know is things aren't as bad as they seem. Your boyfriend seems like the last one you'll ever have and the love of your life, your friends and their drama seems so important - but it's not."
"I went through so many phases in high school that I can't say exactly what my style was. A combination of just rolling out of bed and going to class and kind of defying my femininity by wearing sweatshirts with holes in them, never wearing heels or skirts. Also, all black almost all the time."
"I don't feel guilty at all if I'm just lying around, one of my best guilty pleasures is doing absolutely nothing."
(on the acting business): "[It's] fierce and discouraging. But I think you can grow out of that, especially if you realize the only way you find success is: Figure out what works for you and what doesn't."
(on waiting in her trailer to shoot): "Like they say: The acting is for free. I get paid to wait."
... wait, i am obsessed with this quote, because it is so true!!! i have never seen someone say this--- with the little experience i have, the waiting is already my BIGGEST battle. even in class, you will go for a week and sometimes only get to do your scene like once. the acting really is what makes everything worth it. it can be such a rush!!! ahhhhhh.

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