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Aug 10, 2010

confessions #3

1. i could spend hours on i'm beyond curious about where actors/actresses came from & how their careers came about.2. my current girl crush is miranda kerr. she's gorgeous!!
3. one thing i will do before i die is help raise awareness for eating disorders. the lack of knowledge that the public has is heinous. it's a touchy subject, so people avoid taking about it. but not talking about it won't solve any problems, it only enhances them...
so many girls suffer alone and don't know how to get help. i want to be a part of something that can help those who suffer.
4. i love summer in LA! i actually forget it's summer half the time because i am so busy, but i saw my sister's picture that said "nashville summertime" and i kind of took a moment to appreciate summer before it's gone. with that said, beach day coming SOOOOON!
5. i am ADDICTED to blended chai teas. especially the divine spice chai tea from Urth Cafe.
6. since i am having difficulties with Zac Efron ditching Vanessa Hudgens, I have decided that joseph gordon-levitt will be my future husband. NBD.
7. i started watching californication... OBSESSED!!!! must watch.

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