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Aug 4, 2010

do blondes have more fun?

okay to start out on a lighter note, literally... lighter. i kinda, sorta went blonde. so here are some peeectures. idk how long it will last, but whatevs.
so I've been getting/hearing some feedback from my writing & first of all i'm just glad to know people actually read it.
but sometimes i get that people get really "touched" by some of my random thoughts. and the thing i want to explain is that i just have gotten to a point where i can speak honestly. i just know how hard it is to be honest with YOURSELF. so if you ever come across something that makes you sad, or makes you think, or whatever it may be... that is absolutely perfect. because the problem i find with our generation is how unattached we are to what we FEEL. i just think it's bullshit to be disconnected with your own life. but my main point being is that i don't want to make people sad, or people to think i am this insane person. i just try to give my perspective on life. and just a little place to be honest with yourself.

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