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Aug 30, 2010

sweet nashville

i am seriously so happy to be home. it really humbles me, and gives me a piece of mind. it's such a safe place for me, because no matter what is going on in my life as crazy or as boring it may be-- i come home and my whole world is normal again. like i have never even left, or as if i haven't even changed or grown up. but reality is, i am changing. i change every year.. every day. sometimes good sometimes bad. but it really is crazy coming back here after just being in LA for the summer, and detoxing from all that bullshit for a week. i love the genuine people here and the kindness.i really do love California, but it's so exhausting and everyone is competition and every day is a new challenge. so i'm just soaking up this bit of sanity i can, because i know in just a few days i need to return with a strong head on my shoulders. because as much as that world scares me, i know how much i want to be apart of it. i was watching the Emmy's here in nashville with my parents and all i could think was "i want to be there one day, i want to be there one day.. i WILL BE THERE ONE DAY"... so my whole life circle continues, it goes to show that no matter what i will be a nashville girl at heart, but the desire to be apart of entertainment business always wins in these situations.. because now i just really want to get back and prove myself.

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