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Aug 27, 2010

confessions #4

1. i have the most thoughts in my head when i say nothing at all. sometimes i don't know what to say. sometimes i don't know where to start. and sometimes i'm so tired of the same old story being told over and over that i just don't want to waste my words on you anymore. so i don't. 2. Emma Stone is my current girl crush. i think she is rad as fuck. i lovee her work, i love her raspy voice. i love that she is not naturally a red head but after superbad she kept the look-- it suits her! she has a long career in store for her, i feel it. & she has a new movie coming out called "Easy A"
3. Micheal Cera's face makes me laugh every single time i see it. hahaha i am laughing write now... awkwardly alone at the airport starbucks.
3. steve carell is right up there with my favorite comedians of all time (Paul Rudd, Jason Segal, Adam Sandler...)

4. this little chart below is the story of my pathetic life...5. music will always be a part of me. i have music on from the moment i wake up to when i go to bed. i go crazy without it, i literally can't think or drive from point A to B in silence.

6. pinkberry is like crack. my summer addiction: mango & original swirl. with kiwi, blue berries, one scoop of perline hazel nut topping (SOO FUCKING GOOD) & yogurt chips. mmm7. i really miss "The O.C." & more importantly seth cohen. hes my favorite geek hearthrob of all time. seth & summer forever!! get back together you two!!!
8. i have always secretly been a lakers fan, but everyone was like oh my gahh like you're like so nawt from LA you like know that right? YEAH BITCH. now i'm a local. suuuup go lakers.

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