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Aug 10, 2010

beverly hills>>

i took my brother to the airport on Sunday & he is back in the south. it seems impossible that he was here for a month & is already gone! so now i'm lonely! WAHH...
these pictures are from last weekend. my friend has a sick house in beverly hills so she had a bunch of friends over & we got a bit rowdy.i love these girls in mah pics, they are from my summer class. a few are coming back with me in the fall, but others have different plans elsewhere.
***kickback, and let the future unfold.
on Sunday night me & dani went to see RENT @ the Hollywood Bowl. The cast included: Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole from the Pussycat Dolls, & George Brady. i have seen RENT on Broadway 3 times, so it was hard to live up to those standards. but they only had a week to rehearse for it, so i was pleasantly pleased with the show.
... future mimi? maaaaybe...
this is my last week of summer classes. so i'll have a lot more time to update my blog in a few days.
grrrr. trying to rock the new hair...? change is good.... hmm, maybe.

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