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Aug 17, 2010

insomnia he(art)

don't be afraid to dream a little bigger little darling.
insomnia. insomnia. insomnia. sneaks in when i am trying to sleep & my mind won't shut down.
sometimes i'm scared to go to sleep because i don't want to forget the ideas in my head. i literally have to write things down so i can remember where to start off the next day... "p.s. samantha-- you wanted to start a new painting today and start voice lessons."

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i'm already so bored without my acting classes, sooo instead of being miserably bored, restless, and lazy... i started making a plan of attack. i figured i would fill up my free time taking guitar & voice lessons, so i would be able to explore my love for music.
even though i am still terrified to sing in front of people, i really love it. and i am learning that i don't sound as terrible as i thought. & i have always secretly wanted to be a rock star, so what? naww, i think i'd be more of a colbie caillat.
i am officially taking my first guitar lesson tomorrow!! i am so excited to finally get on top of this. i have tried to teach myself some stuff off youtube, but i need help haha
anyways, i'll try to post every day on break so be checking back for new playlists soon!
enjoy the little things. life gives you what you think your worth. so be worth a hell of a lot. discover your hidden talents & let them develop.
music is the moment. acting is the primary. faith is the strength of it all.
i want to learn this on guitar & record it while singing. ***** >>>>>>>

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