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Sep 12, 2010

colorful addiction

lets just take a look at some of the hair colors i have had from high school to now. haha this is crazy, i trust people way too easily with my hair including myself.. first picture is my natural hair color (im on the right) & all the others are in no favorite color so hair last week lol..
brown/redishdark browndark brown with highlight
chocolate brown
light brown with high lights
almost red with hint of blonde
umm blackish
dark brown
natural hair color
blonde highlights
(state of my hair at the moment.... im actually dying to dye my hair back dark, but i'm going to force myself to be blonde for a bit. it really makes me feel like a different person. different perspective.)... but no, blondes do NOT have more fun. i miss the sultry brunette.
someone send me to hair rehab. okay goodnight. so tired. xo. and i know i havnt put up a playlist yet, i am aware. i'll prob overbear you with music once it comes.

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