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Sep 5, 2010

sparkle sparkle

I took Ali & Melissa to the Roosevelt Hotel the first night they were here. It was really packed and as always a great place for people watching.
We were just partying, ya know being flyy-- and somehow we got into a conversation with this older guy. Kinda creepy, but then it turned 2 am and they were kicking everyone out, bc most clubs/bars close at 2 in LA...anyways, we were not ready to leave. But we were about to head out, and this guy was all "oh not these 3 girls are with me."
Turns out, he was John Mayer's manager. So we got to stay at the bar for after hours with JOHN MAYER and his entourage. hahah, oh hollywood.Saturday we went to lunch at Urth Cafe (my favorite!!) & then we went to Venice Beach for a few hours.
We had the worst experience with traffic I have encountered since living here. We left the beach around 6:30& it took us over 2 hours to get back to Toluca Lake!!!!! Mind you, that is about 20 miles away.... like really?
We each got the evil eye bracelets. I got the black one, which is suppose to keep away negative energy.
Ali got green, which I can't remember what it was for, maybe good fortune? & then Melissa's is pink for emotional healing and romance. I'm going to get the pink one when i go back, I wouldn't mind a lil romance. ha
oh and this picture is real classy, we are at a booth @ Bob's Big Boy.

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