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Sep 19, 2010

fade to black

Sometimes I don't even know what I feel anymore.
i think we all need a little cry every now and again. i've been in a weird mood this past week and i think i've just been really stressed with school and new things every day
eventually, i just let it all out and i totally broke down in tears. i was with my mom and she asked what was wrong? and i just simply said "i don't know"
because i didn't. i felt better after i cried, and it made me realize that i need to give myself a break.
i put way too much pressure on myself & sometimes i think its okay to just lay low and let life lead you where it will. i over think too much and i try too hard.
I'm still so new to LA, so I need to let things work out for themselves with friends and boys, if i can ever meet any decent ones that is
I need to take care of myself mentally & physically. & laughter is a huge key to my success, seriously

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