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Sep 14, 2010

pure nonsense.

I swear I am not as uneducated as I seem...
WOW. I always post so fast because I am so busy, yet always thinking "oh noooo I MUST POST SOMETHING EVERY DAY ITS MY FAKE JOB!" with that said I am terrible with reading over my text before posting and just wanted to make it clear (for my own sanity) that I do, indeed know the difference between "there" & "their" or "here" & "hear" or anything remotely similar.It bugs the hell out of me when other people misspell those words and looking back on posts, I finally caught so many typos! BAD SAMANTHA. okay, just had to get that out in the universe, I swear I am not a complete idiot.
P.S. I have had more work than I can explain lately, BUT that means soon I will have a lot of interesting/inspiring/what-the-hell thoughts coming your way.
Have a wonderful week! DO GOOD THINGS TO YOURSELF. Do the work, and you will get results. xo. If you are down, find your way back up. Find your outlet! Painting? Writing? Running?

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