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Sep 1, 2010

photo creds

I'm about to head downtown nash with my madre, but i thought i would take a quick minute to give photo credits to...
this blog is amazing! i check it almost daily, and it was the blog that inspired me to start my own! i also love their clothing, so i send in fan photos from time to time. the have posted both photos i submitted! one was from Bonnaroo & the other from Coachella. (i find almost all of my pictures here!)

& if you want to check out my tumblr its:
---i post most of the pictures i put on my main blog(this one) on my tumblr as well & sometimes more. i use this blog way more though! check out other tumblr's for sweet pictures.

like my brothers:

he's a sick photographer. he did all these shots for me:::
have a wonderful day. xo

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