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Sep 29, 2010

young hearts

why hello darling. miss me? yeah didn't think so.
well reason being for my lack of writing has been school-- i eat sleep sit in traffic & go to school.
recently @ my acting school: i am working on a kissing scene from Picnic, working on the song "I don't know how to love him" & learning the Charleston in movement!
it's been really fun and busy... the other 2 classes (Alexander Technique & Voice and Speech) are more paper work and self work
i've been doing well in school, except the fact that i keep getting in trouble ha-- but for making people laugh, i don't know. its really stupid.
"Every artist was first an amateur."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
other than aada, i am still counting down the days til i move to west hollywood.
& i'm not going to lie, i have felt some of my insecurities creep back in recently. it's hard to live in LA and not to compare yourselves to others-- especially when you're at an acting school.
i need to stop. breathe. and re-focus on myself and tell myself that i am good enough. that i don't need to look or act like any other girls at AADA, because no one can be me, so i need to remember the beauty in THAT.
easier said than done. but also it just gets old meeting new people... wait that sounded wrong. i love meeting new people. but it's about time i have a solid few girlfriends and i honestly don't have that here.
i get along better with the guys in my class, but thats also different because i still need my girly time... AND OF COURSE, i want to meet guys that i am actually interested in and don't just want to sit and goof off together in class with :)
but i will just let time take it's course. because there comes a point where i need to give myself a break, because what? i moved here in July and started up with a whole new class in September.. i'm just impatient. i want results now! just like i want to be going on my own tv show.... cricket. cricket. too much? ha alright, got it.
but seriously, to anyone who reads this remember that you are beautiful and no one else in the world is you. so do what you will with that. xo. dream big

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