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Sep 6, 2010


I'm back in school and i couldn't be happier!!! I had my first day of fall semester classes today! I am so stoked to be back, i was missing it too much. As expected, the fall semester is a million times more intense than summer.We have so many assignments already, including having to write a 50 page paper. topic:: Who am I? ... um i have already talked about writing an autobio type thing, so how IRONIC that i am actually having to do this for my acting class. 50 PAGES. that sounds unreal, but I can do it.
We also have to read a ton of plays and excerpts from brilliant Acting books. AND i have to do a monologue, sing a song, and improve movement in my first showcase THIS saturday.
MEHHH. soooo soo much to do! I really love to be busy though, it gets my mind flowing, which is when I get my best ideas. So lets hope I can stay on top of all my work. Other than all that madness, I am just really going with what life throws at me. I'm still a bit tired from my last visitors. I have more pictures from their visit that I'll put up.
So lets see, visiter recap: hannah, lucas, ali & melissa... whos next? SAVANNAH!? please.
ahh, i'm just still thrilled to be back in school. i need my desk though! which is in storage, which doesn't fit in my car... and which i don't want to get out until i move in November. like, i really need a bigger place that is cleaner and has a normal size fridge.
I am literally living like a starving actress in my tiny quaters here, but hey maybe one day I'll look back and feel accomplished (if, wait no when i am successful)
well I really need to clean my apartment and start my homework and find a monologue and pick a song and do laundry & scrub the floors & hand wash the dishes & dust.... haha i'll stop there. because it's never ending!
however, i much rather be overwhelmed than bored. happy kind-of-a-monday-but-its-tuesday DAY? right. i don't know. xo pretty people

ps. playlists coming soon! promise.

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