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Sep 2, 2010

seeester love

I am so excited for this weekend because my sister is in town!! I haven’t mentioned her on my blog recently because, well I haven’t seen her as much as my brother hence the fact he was living with me.

Anyways, I am stoked for her to be here—even is she feels ridiculously “mid-western” straight out of Kansas. No matter where we are we always have so much fun together… mainly because we are both total kids at heart. So take our weirdness and times is by 20 on the days we spend together.

My sister is someone who has been there for me, when I didn’t even want to be there for myself. Just like my mom, she has an unconditional love for me that has helped get me to where I am today.

Ali has such a kind heart and has a tremendous ability to see the good in people. Never judgmental on how I live my life, she is in fact the first person I call in times of crisis.

I think the reason we get along so well, is because we are actually complete opposites. At first you may think we are a lot alike, but once you know us personally-it’s like every single detail between us is opposite. She’s stayed more to the southern style living by going to a laid back school in the Midwest, where as I have always thrived on fast paced big city dreams.

She wants about a million children, and the thought of kids to me is like totally a lifetime away. Like I might just have to adopt a cute little Chinese nugget, because the thought of being pregnant grosses me out…
She is a total Murray and I am the definition of a Foley. I am always single, and she is usually in a relationship. She loves country music, I love indie/alternative.
So on so forth, it goes on for days. But the point is, our personalities mesh so well. If we fight, we have about a 10 second rebound and then we are moving on to the next silly thing to do.Well, that’s Ali. Just wanted to brag about how amazing my sister is.(below) she came to visit me at Bonnaroo!! she was having a rough day.(below) ALI FOLEY'S A FAKER! this is us at her fake graduation, such a proud moment for her.
us dancing in Brooklyn, you know the usual....
So, Alexandra Arminta Foley- thank you so much for being the best sister and my best friend. I owe so much to you and I love you forever & always.

ps. watch for entertainment...

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