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Sep 8, 2010

let's all just live

Tonight has turned into one of those nights where I got half of the things I need to do because all I want to do is write and go into my own la la land.
Which is half way productive because now it's an actual assignment for school. But now that I am in writing mode (stuff I won't post), it gets me into random tangents.I want to keep the excitement and fun in my life that comes along with living in this city. I'm too young to get caught up in the fakeness or to be worn down by this town. Because California is beautiful. So I am on a mission to see all the beautiful places that I see in movies, and not just the "Hollywood" stuff.""I like being on my own. Relationships are messy and people get hurt. Who needs it? We're Young, we live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, we might aswell have fun while we can and save the serious stuff for later." - 500 days of Summer
I enjoy time alone because this is when I do all my creative projects. But the thing is, I love people. I really love meeting people. I love my new class and I have only known them a day. I love being put in new classroom environments and making people laugh by accident.
Basically, I just want a good balance in my life. Because if I let all these assignments and responsibilities that come along with the academy get to me, I will go crazy and get anxious.
I think it is important to throw in fun in between. I get reminded of other non-acting oriented goals when I am immersed in random situations.
For example, (okay yes this was in an acting class, but bear with me) we did this improve drill that the teacher had people who spoke other languages get up with someone who only spoke a different language, so it was someone speaking in Spanish and one in French and they were both using their voices to try to convey what they wanted, but the people did not understand eachother...
It's hard to explain, but it was so interesting to watch how they went about and struggled through their miscommunication... so even though, I got out of the exercise what the teacher wanted us to get from an actor's perspective...
It also reminded me how much I loved French! haha, so yes that it where this long story took me. I want more french in my life, just like I want more laughter after I had so much fun with my sister, and I want more adventure.

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