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Sep 7, 2010

the way i see it

we are all human. no matter what type of situation you are in. no matter what big interview or audition comes your way, the "important people" that get to judge you are human. they have a family. they have personal problems, they have a life. they have a story.
Every day is the start of endless possibilities. You never know, tomorrow could be a day that changes your life forever, are you ready for it?
I'm sorry, i had to clear my throat for this one... we are all human. Sorry, had to repeat it. It something I think about a lot when I fantasize about working with amazing actors. BUT why is that soooo out of reach? Brad Pitt is human. Jessica Alba is human. They were once in my place... SO SET OUTRAGEOUS GOALS.
People cover up themselves too much. Not literally, but figuratively, if you are so out of touch with whats going on, you will never truly be happy in your own life.
Live things, feel things, say things, figure out what happened to lead to where your life is today. Where did you go wrong? Where did you go right? WHO ARE YOU? do you even know...
Now once you think you know who you are, don't forget to share it with the people you love. If you aren't you whole self in front of people you love, that is really sad. Because if these people love you, they will just love you even more. And if they don't, then don't waste your time.

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