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Sep 1, 2010

music city.

& here I am. Once again, in "my room" wherever it may be at the time, but this time I am truly home. Nashville, the place I will always have to call my own. A place I am loved for who I am and a place I will forever & always belong. Yet, my time at home has come to an end & I am packing to head back to the west coast.
It's always bittersweet because I hate saying goodbye to this place, but after just a few days here, I feel like a stronger person. I get back in touch with my goofy ass self and can just relax with the fam. I really needed this-- I start school FULL TIME on the 7th. It is going to be like having a full time job. The hours will be long, grueling, and demanding. My teachers really expect that if we got into the school that we must show everyday that we really deserve to be there...
but LA talk can wait. Recap on home:: My dad bought me a new guitar!!! The one I have in LA is really old and the handle is really big, so it's hard for me to hold down the chords. And after he saw me practicing on the guitar we have at home (the nicest acoustic guitar EVER)... he didn't like the idea of me taking that guitar back with me hah, but he DID suggest a new one! so i have a new baby... a beautiful, perfect guitar that plays so smoothly. ughhhh the beginning process is the hardest, i can't wait to be really good.. because umm i WILL be, just wait.My favorite things about being home:: NO TRAFFIC, and if there was I didn't even notice. It was nice to be able to travel more than 5 miles under an hour ha, but seriously!! I HATE LA TRAFFIC. (pic= backyard @ rumours east) but, I will be moving closer in towards my school so the traffic will improve a whole lot! (I'm looking at the Villas that Lauren Conrad lived in with Audrina in season 1 or so of the Hills) The place is so nice with a pool and better quality than what I have now.Of course while I was home, I made a few stops @ Rumours East in East Nashville. It's the cutest wine bar in Nashville that my parents own. The food is INCREDIBLE!! (chef in picture above)
& the style of the wine bar is super chic. (above, the most precious bathroom ever)
Prob my all time fave of being home= my backyard. I enjoyed soaking up the sun, while studying my chords for the past few days. I finally got a tan going again :) ohh & my hair lightened up even more, as you can see ....
I guess I am back to blonde. & lastly I always love going to Green Hills (Center & Mall). Green Hills is my sweet haven when I am back. Okay, must finish packing. catchyaaa on the opposite coast. not like I am on a coast here, but you know what I mean. right. lates.

home town bliss
i remember my first kiss
in the backyard underneath the stars

home town bliss
where my brother would raise a first
to protect my tender little soul

the place i call my home
is a place i call my own
somewhere my heart will always belong

no matter where i've been
and all the crazy things i've done
i can come back here to start again

i think about my falls
and the days i had to crawl
down on my knees with shaking faith

this place i call my home
serenity that's my own
is a bittersweet recap of life

my tender southern soul
i'm accepted, i am whole
allowed to have stars in my eyes.

where dreams meet reality
escape the lies & heartbreak
i am perfectly content all alone.

in my home town bliss
thats better than any wish
dreaming of what has yet to come.

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