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Sep 20, 2010

the little things

I'll admit it, I have not been taking my own advice lately. I have not been paying attention to detail. I put these pictures and words up all over the place to keep the inspiration alive, but at some point it starts to fade out.
Like one day I just stopped seeing the small details becuase I was too caught up else I took pictures to force myself to see it... THE FUTURE IS MINE. the future is mine, the future is mine. repeat it til it sticks.ohhh tumblr, that is my go to inspiration website & its so addicting!
well I hung up my Anthroplogie quilt over my window becuase the weird little shingle things i have covering are falling off one bye one. & i need a little privacy, i mean come on.i like how you can see Marilyn Monroe through the mirrors.
my to-do list is weirder than yours. I have to start my day off tomorrow by getting a taxi to the HOllywood Bowl to get my car, then go to Crown Bar & see if a missing wallet got turned in. FML.
Mom, I know your reading this. Don't freak out on me yet :/

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