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Sep 6, 2010


Friday night was my favorite of the weekend. We went to eat at Luna Park in West Hollywood, and we ordered summer mojitos,
..which came with little plastic animals and mermaids as you can see above. My sister and I were acting as immature as we could and we were probably causing unneeded attention at our table.we took it as far to name them after Phil and Clarie from Modern Family. I carried Phil in my purse all night... it may sound weird, because it was.. but it was fucking hilarious at the time? moving on.I was stoked to go out, but Ali and Melissa weren't feeling it after I led them a few blocks in the wrong direction, while wearing heels on Hollywood Blvd. HOWEVER, we found my destination:: Las Palmas. and I loved it!
My sister went home, but I stayed out with this girl Casey from Nashville. We somehow mingled our way into a private table at Las Palmas and it was a blastttt.
The next stop was The Colony, which was my first time there. The club was pretty legit with hammock lounge areas and inside smoking.I saw Kevin Connolly (E from entourage) walk past me, so I now know he is a true partier because I've seen him at voyeur before.No the night didn't end there, we ventured to Playhouse, which was not really my thing. But it was 3 am and there really aren't that many clubs open past 2. So we still found fun.The people there were more Jersey Shore type haha, but I saw the stage and went right to it. Then i made friends with the DJ, so I was messing around with the DJ set up. hehe it was a very interesting night full of shenanigans... just another night out in hollywood. xo

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