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Sep 13, 2010


VMA recap for your enjoyment....

ok ok, FIRST and foremost the best part of the show was the fact that they had DEADMAU5 Dj'ing. i love him!!!! but the commercial breaks cut off his music so you couldnt really listen to it :(
Ashley Greene. i like her lighter hair for her new movie LOL: Laughing Out Loud... which she is working with Miley Cyrus & Demi Moore in PARIS on. sigh. jealous.
Lady Gaga... wtf dude. okay i get it you are super talented but i hate when one artist wins all of the awards
i am NOT a Ke$ha fan. she annoys me. her voice sucks. she is not talented. go away.
Eminem opened the show. i fucking love you eminem. been killing it since i was in middle school.
they should date. power tweens. OMG LYYYKEE YEAH.
nina dobrev from Vampire Diaries. she's prettttty.
taylor swift sang a new song about Kanye West. i liked the song, but i'm a bit over their drama. love swizzzle though!!
katy perry.. interesting. i like the hair, not the dress.
selena gomez looking presh.
so even though their song "Airplanes" has been playing like crazy all summer. the first time B.o.B & Hayley Williams met was @ their rehearsal for the VMAS... crazy huh? technology is whack.
ps. i think Chelsea Handler made a few enemies tonight. she came on a BIT strong. but shes still hilarious.

PPS. Florence & the Machine preformed at the MTV award show, THANK YOU MTV FOR LETTING A GREAT ARTIST GRACE YOUR STAGE.

music from the show:

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