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May 21, 2010


I found out I got accepted to AADA over spring break. it was probably the easiest yes ever. in my head i was already so out of arizona so hearing it could be real was so relieving & AMAZING. i felt really proud of myself for working for something & accomplishing it by myself. I am not naive or anything, all i am doing is setting myself up to STILL be a student, but at an artistic school. i will wake up every day and WANT to go to class, which never happens. I never get sick of learning about this craft because it is so intriguing. acting is difficult people! to merely dig into your own personal feelings and your soul to expose the human emotion to others.... think about it. it can be trying. but it is wonderful. and i am more than ready to get back into acting classes bc i want to be great. i want to have composure & confidence & one day enter the world of film and television.

"All I wanna do is live a life that's certain. To find the love that I've been searching for." -Rebelution

"..go ahead and step outside and see what's shaking in the real world"- John Butler Trio

"i don't know but I'm ready to start cuz i know in my heart, I wanna do something that matters"

-lady antebellum

"keep on living, keep on dreaming, keep on breathing because one day the determination will show your time will come for the world to watch you glow" *

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