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May 20, 2010


"can will signs of life to return

back to the way that it was

long before it made a noise

to keep on quietly reminding you

what's never created or destroyed"

"all ignored, real emotion's such a drag"

U of A football is one thing I will miss a lot! It is definitely one of the best perks to going to a big university. Game days are ALWAYS insane. With drunk people ranging from underage to grandparents. Tailgates, beer, food, fun, FRATTiNG it UP! Fiji-- you phi gams are always number one in my heart.
Lets just say, there is always a party at the U of A.
Oh wait, now I get confused again... Why am I the only girl here who hates going to frats every single night!? Wait why are there so many cactus? WAIT WHY DO I LIVE IN TUCSON!? get me the hell outta here... big city detox. roUGH.

"Here’s a growing culture

Deep inside a corpse

Ages stuck together

Takin it to the source

Timeless desperation

Pictures on a screen scream

'Hey people, what does it mean?'"


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