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May 19, 2010

Eurotrip '09

Oh haay, I'm Robert Pattinson and I am Beautiful & from England. anyways..
NOTTiNG HiLL>>> Well, this is another fave. It is just so trendy. I found some awesome stuff at the flea markets on Portabello Road. The little colorful attaching houses are... well, lets just say I want one. This day reminded me of the movie Notting Hill, which then reminded me of this quote: "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." awww, I WANT THAT.::LONDON:: Only my FAVORITE CITY IN THE WORLD!! Goodness, I love this place. It is one of those places that I push my fashion, because I can. I get inspired by street chic Londoner gals. I would not be opposed to living there and finding my future husband/ David Beckham replica. Then we could run off to LA with our beautiful British children... What? I can dream.

::PARiS:: Oh so cliche, but such a romantic city. Well not much romance for me, but it was cool to finally see it. I have been taking French for years and I WILL be fluent in French... one day. Proudest moment: telling a joke to the cab driver & he actually understood it & even more surprisingly, laughed out loud. Sarah and I were a big fan of the nutella crepes. I mean, who wouldn't be. Paris, I will be back someday! ::MARBELLA, SPAiN:: We stayed at a beautiful resort in Marbella. I found it so interesting to be laying by the pool with such a diverse crowd. Seriously, to your left there would be a Scottish family with their young abundance of gingers running around. To your right, possibly a Latino babe being creeped on by a fat man in a speedo. And then my favorite, the Brits & their accents that I would secretly be trying to imitate. Regardless, it was very fun to people watch. Sarah and I had many fun nights out on the Port, where I fell in love with, big shocker here: a British fellow. I pulled a few shenanigans at this location that got me on strict watch from the parents the rest of the vacation-- but it was so worth it. :)

I went to Europe last June & it was amazing!! I absolutely love experiencing new cultures. I was with my parents and a good friend, Sarah. We explored through Marbella, Spain, London, & Paris. I met a heartthrob Rob Pattinson look-a-like. It was pretty much love at first sight (for a week). London was my favorite city because of the fashion!

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