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May 21, 2010


"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it." - W.M. Lewis

"The most wasted of all days is

one without laughter."

E.E. Cummings

"On your favorite weekend

Ending this love for gentlemen only

That’s where the fortunate only"


The London trip started off as me and Andrew stepped off the plane to be embraced with bottles of champagne at 6 am. & to also learn that Tam and Richard had been there the same time the day BEFORE... with FANTASTIC 4 written on their tummys... just a slight time difference mix up. The agenda was pre planned thanks to tam and we went to so many wonderful plays & places like "winter wonderland" wonder my ass, i was FREEZING. All i could manage was to ask for more mulled wine.New Year's Eve was insane. We saw a modern adaption of Moliere's "The Misanthrope" starring... KEIRA KNIGHTLY. she is drop dead gorgeous and i loved seeing her work live. so incredibly different than in movies. after the play the four of us hit up some pubs and then eventually met up with a bunch of tams friends to go to a hotel over looking the London Eye to see the fireworks @ 12. At this point, central London was pure chaos. everyone running around like mad people trying to get to the clubs. which not to brag or anything-- but the club we went to on New Years had bowling alleys, karaoke, live music, hot tubs, and more randomness i cant remember. it was a pretty legit way to start off 2010. hollllaaaaaAnother night for the books, was when we went to an ice bar. LITERALLY, everything was ice- the tables, the seats, the shot glasses... & you have to wear these penguin outfits, its weird. okay no they just give you very large jackets but i did feel like a penguin. Moving on, we thawed off and then hit up the clubs where I had my first encounter pole dancing. me and tam were quite the naturals & Ke$ha was on full blast at my request. its weird being THE AMERICAN in england bc i think they are all the cool ones with the accents not me... OH yeahhh this night it snowed & we woke up to a real life winter wonderland in the morning.
"Don't stop. Make it rock--Dj blow my speakers up, tonight ima fight til i see the sunlight."- KE$HA

"It's kind of easy,

If you have a open mind.

This game is more than,

Spending money and fucking dimes.

It's all within your words,

Some shit that outlives time."

-kid cudi

Wow, I literally just remembered this-- we went to a french restaurant where you ate in the PITCH BLACK DARK. you really could not see a thing, kid you not. & the waiters were all blind. so they would line you up (in the light) with your group and have you put your hand on the person in front of you. then they guide you to your seats, which i almost fell trying to sit in. & then they serve you as if you are in any normal restaurant. BUT you cant see a fucking thing! so you go on trying to play it cool and chit chat with your friends, until someone (not me) spills the entire bottle of wine and then madness starts. okay i split it. the weirdest part was eating your food. me and tam both got vegetarian so i would make her try everything first. i freaked out and thought i had a live animal or something on my plate, when it was actually mango. hahaha i swear i will never take sight for granted again. this was very very challenging!!
THE BEST NIGHT=ROLLER DISCO DERBY! It was the last night and most perfect way to end the journey. We had gone shopping at the Covenant Garden & after we ate dinner we changed before leaving the restaurant. Causing scene number 1. everyone was staring us as we were drawing on our faces and walking out as if we looked normal. wait let me rephrase this, they were all staring at richard the huge guy wearing blue spandex! hahahaha omg richard i love you. anyways, scene number 2, 3, 4... doesnt end really.. came at the train station. those trains are tightly packed and I think we made our share of strangers feel very uncomfortable. my favorite part of all this was somehow Richard was forced to carry the bag of clothes and the bag broke haha so he had to carry it by the bottom, making him even more ridiculous than he already was.
"We're gonna fuel the fire, gonna stoke it up,
we're gonna sip this wine & pass the cup...
We're gonna show this town ho to kiss these stars"
- Kings of Leon

& those were JUST the highlights of this trip... it truly was such a special week with soooo many memories. I left a few days before Andrew to get back to school & they all came with me to the airport to have breakfast. Then after a hugfest they still stayed as i inched my way forward in the security line and we all waved goodbye about a million times. As I passed the check point and could no longer see the 4sum, i still heard richard's thrilling voice yelling "byeEEEE"

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